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Too many peanuts increases inflammation bc of peanut protein?

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Peanut agglutinin binds preferentially to the T-antigen, a galactosyl (β-1,3) N-acetylgalactosamine structure present in many glycoconjugates such as M and N blood groups, gangliosides, and many other soluble and membrane-associated glycoproteins and glycolipids. With certain exceptions, the receptor sequence for PNA is normally sialylated which prevents the lectin from binding to its receptor oligosaccharide (see Jacalin). Even sialic acid which is not bound directly to the receptor sugars may inhibit binding. 



hmmmmmmmmmmm increases in IL6

[also sialic acid is super-anti-inflammatory so I wonder if this is more specific to those with "higher predicted glycanages" => sialic acid really decreases glycanage

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On a quick read of your article, this sounds like another case of a beautiful theory slain by the ugly facts.  Prostate cancer patients did not get more metastasis if they ate more peanuts, for example.

“Reassuringly though, a large US study reported no significant impact of peanut consumption on cancer mortality. In another study, peanut consumption was reported to have no significant effect on prognosis in men with established prostate cancer.

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