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Having an "Out of Body" Experience

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I read several years ago this book https://www.amazon.com/Why-God-Wont-Go-Away/dp/034544034X

it provides very interesting explanation of experiences described by spiritual practitioners, paired with some very interesting data acquired with brain activity scans during the experiments with volunteers (who were able to practice in such unfavourable circumstances). I followed some other texts mentioned in it but I forget which ones.

Despite of specultative nature of theoretic explanations (which I find plausible but I am not a professional in the area) the book is one of the best pop-sci I ever read and aligns well with all I read (Eliade, Jung) on the topic of God-presence experience out of the brain scope.

I wish I could also train myself to do that things, it seems an invaluable experience and the tool to defeat fear but requires decades of practice to achieve the mastery.



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