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[IMPORTANT] Favorite low-effort, lower-calorie food items that you can easily get from a store/use as fast food. #DiningGuide

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https://www.rapamycin.news/t/what-are-your-favorite-low-er-calorie-low-calorie-per-volume-ratio-or-appetite-suppressing-foods/3625/8 (but I need to repost them here b/c this forum is friendlier to long content, and there are trashy replies)


(I know many of these foods have high sodium content, so add potassium salt to neutralize). Alignment/human power/all other outcomes are instrumentally convergent on making everyone's diets lower-effort *and* healthier, and I've optimized for both 🙂

  • Sodastream water maker for carbonating water (linked version is glass). Carbonated water is way more filling and often fills me up enough when I get cravings. Prefilter water with a decent water filter (maybe SimplyFiltered) to reduce PFAS and other contaminants (and maybe microplastics)
  • almond/macademia milks. They are SO filling. they just make you pee a lot. Make sure to get low-calcium versions… They are often packed in Tetrapak plastic (whose effects/leachability relative to the terrible plastics in bottled water are currently unknown but socially important to investigate - pls ping https://www.publichealth.columbia.edu/news/bottled-water-can-contain-hundreds-thousands-nanoplastics). Soy milk exists too, but has more protein than almond/macademia milk (and is 80 calories/serving [640 in one carton], unlike almond milk's 40 calories/serving)
  • pickled vegetables. VERY tasty and can substitute for other cravings. Just beware of the emulsifier polysorbate 80. Has vinegar. The processing can reduce pesticide load. Also, pickled cucumbers can irritate the stomach lining - Podcast: What Is H. Pylori? - YouTube 2. There's an amazon form in glass jars (a bit more expensive)
  • coffee (preferably ground green) in soy/almond/macademia milk prepared via all-steel coffee percolator. Excellent appetite suppressant (along with green tea). 
  • Tomatoes and cucumbers (easy to snack on, low bitterness). Tomatoes are really a fruit with a calorie density lower than many vegetables (even cruciferous ones). Greenhouse/Canadian tomatoes have much lower pesticide than Mexican tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are way cheaper in Europe
  • Parsley (one of only two veggies to decrease Mike Lustgarten's rate of epigenetic aging). Lots of apigenin
  • giardiniera (glass jars available for shipping over amazon)
  • ezekiel bread (flour-free and low-GI - one of the *few* healthy breads. Currently testing on my CGM). 11-14% protein and 8% fiber by weight, which is higher than most beans. Boiled black beans are 5-7% protein *and* fiber by weight, chickpeas are ~8% protein/fiber by weight
  • Nopalitos tender cactus (from La Costena) => in glass containers too! Found in the mission. My only concern is that they’re imported from mexico, and growing standards in mexico are not as good (aka there’s higher chance of contamination, though one would hope that since they’re cacti, they may be grown farther from microplastic/pesticide-contamined areas - though I’m less sure about pesticides b/c Mexico produce has higher contamination)’
  • Miso soup (often cheapest/only affordable option at restaurants too)
  • carrots (super-cheap). Can destroy your teeth if you eat too many raw (and this is an issue when you already eat enough acidic food)
  • Salsa. Best vegetable dip ever (tho add potassium to neutralize the Na). Or I just drink out of the jar. Has vinegar. Black bean salsa can help satiate cravings that salsa alone cannot. Enough salsa can make raw vegetables more palatable. Easy to mass-order off Amazon
  • Seaweed of all forms (Thiel Fellow Reiss Jones has a Seaweed Gang whatsapp groupchat just for bulk purchases of them). Brown (non-tropical) seaweed can serve as SIRT6 activators. More expensive than veggies, but could change (and even despite the expense, they're powerful in small amounts)
  • mustard (very low calorie flavor), also very juicy and substitutes for a lot of other cravings. Dijon is better. You can get dijon shipped via amazon though it has added sugar (idk how much)
  • Strawberries. Calorie-density of a vegetable [151cals/lb], tho they do spike glucose (try to coadminister with 300mg canagliflozin). Very pesticide-heavy if non-organic (target has affordable organic).
  • Strawberry leaves and blueberry leaves (yes, they are edible and healthier than the fruit 🙂 )
  • wild apples (more bitter, before they got bred to be sweet). Also all the fruit before they got mass-bred to be sweet
  • ALL the vegetables (this is obvious and goes without saying, though many are hard to snack on as fast-food, and the value of time only increases as AGI nears - hence why I included everything else). Broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes => easiest to use as fast food. Everything is easier in an instant pot (or you can put a bunch of water over them and boil them => you’ll hear it when the water boils/pours over and then they’re ready). I prefer electric stoves over gas stoves b/c safer. Most cruciferous vegetables have lower pesticide loads.
  • Watercress Is The Healthiest Vegetable? Carrot is #26? Here’s A Chart To... 11

  • https://optimisingnutrition.com/too-much-nutrients/#more-36003 5 | What Influences Satiety: Carbs, Fat, and More | Optimising Nutrition 1 | https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/marty.kendall7139/viz/satietyindex-forecastdailyintakevsdietqualityscore/topdownwithoutcholesterol 2 |

  • VEGETABLE SOUP (too bad they’re hard to buy in stores, and costs can easily blow up with volume). Costs don’t blow up with volume in Ivy League dining halls
  • in university dining halls that are all-you-can-eat [all the Ivies, JHU, UMass-Amherst, UMichigan, etc], it’s super-easy to get an abundance of soup and low-calorie vegetables (sauteed in olive oil, though not many are boiled)
  • if you’re friends with some people in CR Society (or a certain Jason A), you can sometimes enjoy their super-specially prepared vegetables (too bad I don’t have the time to prepare them)
  • anything with vinegar (enhances glycemic control, helps one fill full)
  • keto bread (esp unbun). A lot of them have lots of psyllium husk/insoluble fiber. Whole foods has nobagels. ThinSlim foods has some. They have egg protein (which I don't consider a concern given how filling they are). It's unclear if unbun is healthier than bread/beans + acarbose/canagliflozin (which can completely neutralize the glycemic spike). Bread increases Steve Horvath's GrimAge... (I once gave him acarbose tho 🙂 )
  • Jellyfish (their amino acids are mostly collagen) and they have low calorie-density. Also, they don't have brains and cannot suffer. If you pay close attention, jellyfish and unbun keto bread are the only two non-vegan foods on the list
  • Shirataki noodles (they would be a miracle if they weren't always packaged in the most sus of plastic containers)
  • things sweetened with sugar alcohols (tho really, who needs sweeteners?)
  • spices: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3921/8/4/100/htm - allspice, cloves, anise, chinese 5-spice have both anti-glycative and anti-ROS abilities.

Lower-calorie substitutes for other food (or just super-healthy/high-fiber food)

  • Peaches have low calorie density at 177 cals/lb (+you can use acarbose on). But often have pesticides.
  • Silken tofu has 45 cal/85 grams (much less than regular tofu for some reason)
  • Slimcado. Can substitute for fat/nut cravings
  • Chia seeds are 34% fiber by weight, flaxseeds are 29% fiber by weight. No other food is so high fiber by weight (though vegetables have a lot of non-fiber bulk)
  • POSSIBLY corn bran (lots of insoluble fiber) - they are sold in Honduras. Supposedly lower-calorie than wheat bran (only from one source). I felt knocked out after consuming them => not a good indication of “low-calorie” b/c I know when too many carbs knock me out. Eat with acarbose
  • beans/lentils => combine with acarbose and the blood sugar spike is super-low. Can be used as a primary source of calories. They can knock me out, however.
  • mangoes. More sucrose than any other fruit so you can blunt the glucose spike with acarbose (which is cheaper and more immediately applicable than SGLT2 inhibitors). Still they knock me out if I eat too many.
  • https://www.quora.com/Does-acarbose-work-for-reducing-the-glycemic-index-of-fruit (acarbose-safe fruit). NOTE: acarbose does not work on dragonfruit. Oranges spike my glucose way less than apples (despite lower fiber). 


Prickly pear is also 185 calories/lb which is less than pear calories (still higher than strawberry calories, similar to peach calories)


Olives are normally healthy but they often contain acrylamide due to how they're processed. I have noticed that pasta sauce AND pomi's crushed tomatoes spike my glucose (which could be the same for tomato sauce and salsa)


Previous guide:




I sometimes get gourmet fermented vegetables from Cambridge Naturals (fermentation is good, esp fermenting natto). They're not really more expensive than restaurant food, so for all the money I save NOT going to restaurants, I can use it for these. They are still expensive enough that I can't regularly eat them (tho AGI timelines make this expense matter way less and if you invested enough crypto=>AMD/NVIDIA...)


tapenades are great dips for veggies (+ultra healthy+often come in glass containers). I ate tomatoes+mushrooms+onions+cauliflower today, and NONE of them did anything to make me feel full. I then dipped mushrooms in tapenade AT LAST and it did it.

Sea moss is a wonderful appetite suppressant


Garden Vegetable Soup 1 (trader joe's)



Shirataki/miracle noodles. They are a low-calorie miracle, only that they don’t really get digested (you don’t want to eat too much at once b/c indigestion) and they’re always packaged in the most suspicious sharp plastics ever (I’d buy them in abundance if not for the plastics issue - fortunately I guess I have enough vegetables to distract myself with).



THIS is the most common food I’ve been consuming over the past month (mostly because it’s very cheap - the cheapest to order off amazon):



[it is HELLA addicting when you add olive oil over it]. Plastics are a concern but amazon prime doesn’t allow for much else (and the plastics don’t seem that shardy like water-bottle plastics - like - not all plastics are equally “evil” and certain plastics just “feel” much worse than others [like pointier microplastics from waterbottles/shirataki seem more likely to insert themselves into cell membranes, and HDPE/PP plastics seem more “benign” than ones made of weirder materials - never mind that you want to avoid them if you still can]).


among breads, there is 7 base culture keto bread and ezekiel [tho ezekiel you should take with acarbose]

passionfruit is 11% fiber by weight (but 428 calories/lb)

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  • Alex K Chen changed the title to What are some of your favorite lower-calorie food items that you can easily get from a store/use as fast food?
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In Europe



Ratatouille!! Perfect combo of ingredients though some overload on the oil

Hmm I sometimes think that fake meat/tofu products can make up for nut binges. I binged on 500g of roasted peanuts yesterday…(no other choices though).


Also… https://www.vitalia.com.mk/en/product-category/specialized-products/keto-products/



In Macedonia, the keto products are actually CHEAP, unlike the keto breads in the US… (eg nobagel)


Of the french supermarkets, carrefour is my favorite (I like it more than monoprix). It has cheap glass jars of A LOT of vegetables (not in cans/plastic, can be used as fast food, AND filling in a way that raw vegetables are often not filling)

Italian supermarkets have lots of vegetables in glass (tho they are not as rich as French supermarkets). Supermarkets in the Romance countries have healthier foods (+less added sugars) in general (they live longer). German supermarkets have lots of mushrooms and other veggies in glass jars, but be careful of added sugar. Czech supermarkets add sugar (cukr) to many of their glass-jar-veggies. In general I find it much easier to easily use cheap veggies (in glass containers) as fast food in Europe than in the states. Europe also tends to ban pesticides that are still used in Murica (like chlorophylos). However, America (sans Portugal/Spain) is still overall better if only due to lower air pollution





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  • Alex K Chen changed the title to Favorite low-effort, lower-calorie food items that you can easily get from a store/use as fast food. #DiningGuide
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Raw Fermented Vegetables

Probiotic - Raw - Vegan - Lacto Fermented 



From Seed to Jar....

Our raw lacto-fermented vegetables are made right here on the farm from certified organic produce!  Lacto fermentation is the process by which lacto-bacillus (plant bacteria) convert plant sugars into lactic acid which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria while preserving the vitamins and enzymes of the plant for improved digestive health. 

Sauerkraut - A sweet and tangy mix of our organic green cabbage, carrots and sea salt. 

Beetkraut - Our beetkraut is made from our organic beets, garlic, chili peppers and sea salt.

Pickles - Made from our cetified organic cucumbers and garlic.

Korean Carrots - A zesty blend of our certified organic carrots, garlic and hot peppers.

Kimchi - A spicy kraut made from our certified organic Napa cabbage, radishes, carrots, onion, jalapeno peppers and ginger.

Applekraut - Made from our certified organic red cabbage, leeks, sea salt and locally sourced apples. 



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I just bought and ate https://www.amazon.com/Amish-Wedding-Mild-Pickled-Ounces/dp/B094LMXR6N/

And it helped kill off nut/beans cravings. I need to kill off nuts/beans cravings, b/c I know I need all the extra youth I have (not only to make up for all my past mistakes, but to *stay* relevant in the age of AGI where any small difference/change **right before the pivotal act** has non-zero chance of hyperbolic change in outcome.

It's sad b/c I know I could have used this as fast food more often (despite how expensive it is), but didn't due to money issues. But I need the time, I need the time. Even tomato sauce spikes my BG, and I don't have the energy/time to steam veggies all the time.

Similarly I finally bought canagliflozin (300mg) and biocon rapacan today b/c I cannot take chances on "dumb shit" before the "pivotal act"

I just got approved for tFUS! This might be the second good news for me this year. I have the strangest life path ever, "good news" only comes from the most untraditional of sources, especially after the serious accident I had

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AquaFizz water is pretty important - it can make me full enough (to stop nuts/berries/beans cravings) when I eat a bunch of veggies and the veggies are not enough to make me feel full. I thought it was the lack of calories (or leptin-increasing/ghrelin-decreasing stuffz), but it may have been that AquaFizz water FEELS very different from veggies and that is enough to make me feel full.

And that could be enough/make me feel full enough even without having to resort to semaglutide. I've achieved my lowest weights without semaglutide. I was so healthy throughout so much of 2021, and often had a weight of ~95 that year. If only I could have another year like that..

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  • Alex K Chen changed the title to [IMPORTANT] Favorite low-effort, lower-calorie food items that you can easily get from a store/use as fast food. #DiningGuide
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Mr. Tortilla: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09D1ZKXGS?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

360 calories in 1bag, of which 24g, or 72 is non-fiber carbs. I mean I did eat 3 entire bags yesterday

I can tolerate far far more fiber/bloating/gas than most people (acarbose+beans is nothing for me), but even this reaches borderline too much. Oh and I sent my microbiome sample yesterday

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mushroom consumption.2599 Fruit flies fed a diet of 1 percent oyster mushrooms showed a slight but significant survival advantage,2600 perhaps because oyster mushrooms are one of the most concentrated sources of ergothioneine.2601

nutritional yeast flakes (have the b vitamins including B12), are filling. they are messy tho, and not low-calorie. They are INCREDIBLY filling per gram, perhaps the MOST filling food per weight.

diced tomatoes (not from pomi). the canned ones often fail to increase BG as much as pomi liquid tomatoes

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Purple yams are not the lowest calorie source, but they are still lower calorie/g than beans or bread. will test with CGM the next agelessrx canagliflozin trial

(372 calories/lb). Beans are 385-420 calories/lb [they're labeled as 15 oz, but 3.5*130g is 455g...)

Ezekiel bread is 1205 calories/lb (THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T EAT BREAD [though limited amounts are ok)

Mr Tortilla is 681 calories/lb.

But fruit/vegetables are WAY lower, even apples are 237 calories/lb (though you can't blunt their spike wit acarbose)

I had a phase where I experimented with bread and CGMs - conclusion is still stay tf away unless you're eating out and it's the only option left

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