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How do you get your potassium


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I relatively eat a lot of potatoes, bananas and beans, but according to MyFitnessPal, this accounts to less than 1500mg of the 3500.  I wonder if some people here take potassium supplements?  It is hard to get 2000mpg K supplements by caplets.   Going in powder might be a better option; 10g of potassium bicarbonate brings you 3906mg according to this one not offered as a supplement, but for cooking;



But it would be my 7th regular  powder to take lol!  Or I could use it in my cooking if K doesn't get destroyed by the heat...

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cronometer reports for me the top contributors for today like:

Paprika                                       592.8 mg         17%
Oranges, Raw                            570.2 mg         17%
Honeydew Melon, Raw              513 mg            15%
Apple, Fresh, With Skin             443 mg             13%
Grapes, Raw                              416.4 mg         12%
Red Bell Peppers, Raw              405.1 mg         12%
Chicory Greens, Raw                 394.8 mg         12%
Strawberries, Raw                      355 mg            10%
Dates, Dried                                347.7 mg        10%
Napa Cabbage, Raw                  347.5 mg         10%


total                                            8820 mg           259%

(in reality I have more, e.g. from 6 spoons of tomato passata for which cronometer has no values reported)

For the sake of curiosity just selected all the leafs/greens/cruciferous stuff for a day - almost 2 grams of potassium comes from 600 grams of it.









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