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Rejuvenation Biotechnology 2016 (RB2016) Livestreaming NOW!

Michael R

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Shoot ... I really thought that someone had already posted this! My bad  ....


Some amazing science already, particularly Cohen's work on mitochondrially-derived peptides. Everything very high-level (meaning not granular) this year. Sign up if you still can and tune in!

I'm subscribed to the SENS YouTube channel, and was updated immediately.

The full (unedited) multi-hour video was posted immediately after the LiveStream (both days).

Hopefully, they'll chunk it to separate presentations as they have in prev. years.


Personal fave: Judith Campisi on cancer.

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Now going thru Pinchas Cohen KEYNOTE presentation here ...


Cohen's key focus is on relatively-newly discovered humanin peptide (link to Cohen's USC Lab):



Recent studies identified a novel mitochondrial-derived peptide (MDP) named humanin. Humanin (HN) is a 24 amino-acid peptide, encoded from the 16S ribosomal RNA region of the mitochondrial DNA, originally described as a neurosurvival factor capable of antagonizing Alzheimer's disease-related cell death insults. We have also shown that HN has potent actions on many processes related to aging, such as development in zebrafish, insulin sensitization, and beta-cell function.


I Googled "humanin peptide calorie restriction" and came up with almost zilch. (I was looking for the usual up/down regulation link between CR and molecule; e.g., CR and IGF, etc.). Wiki notes: "The Cohen lab (Pinchas Cohen) independently discovered humanin when screening for proteins that interact with IGFBP3".


Although Cohen does note humanin's "similarity to CR/fasting", methinks no researcher has yet formally investigated humanin/CR link(s). Is this correct?


EDIT: Any CR/humanin correlation makes me wonder about other correlations ... like humanin and that vulgar "p-word" ... p-p-p-p-p-protein. Specifically, protein intake.


Sample slide from Cohen 2016:


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