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Carissimo Sthira, complimenti per il tuo italiano!


Translated by google (I was curious but the translation of this simple sentence is pretty accurate, although I've some doubts about the first part and maybe 'dearest Sthira' is preferable):


Sthira dear, congratulations for your Italian


In his book Longo does not rule out a more frequent application of his FMD for healthy people, as far as I understood twice a years is the minimun reccomendend frequency.


What Longo disadvises though, is mere caloric restriction, taking as an example the conditions of prof. Roy Walford and his mates when out of the biosphere 2 experiment. Longo was there since he was working with Walford.


So I notice here we have two contradictory views:


-Valter Longo contends that CR may impose significant stress upon the body and advises fasting instead

-The supporters of CR  (like Michael Rae assuming his opinion is shared by other CR practitioners) contend exactly the opposite as above. 


Who is right??


I'm just sitting on the fence here. I do not wish to practice pure CR simply because that would make me loose weight precipitously.  I'm hanging tightly onto my present BMI of 22.5!

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Not going to directly respond to various questions here at this time, but I've just noted that my discussion here on the "fasting-mimicking diet" predates, is in a separate thread from, and hence does not link to my discussion here (including my followup here) on IF in general, which anyone interested in these subjects may find useful, and which answers some of these questions.

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