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I started listening to the LLAMA podcasts. Valter Longo is episode 01, a couple of novel aspect I grasped compared to my previous knowledge:


  • FMD is suitable until age 70, then he suggests to change it to a 3 days regime which he's studying yet
  • Speaking of Emma Morano, the 117 Italian lady who deceased this year, Longo said that she might have eaten whaver she wished and still reach that age. We discussed in another thread about her diet, but Longo says her family members all died after 90, suggesting an intrinsic protective genetic mechanism present in her lineage. It was a pretty strong statement on the fundamental effect of genetics on longevity. Such people must have some of the  metabolic pathways which lead to longevity inherently overamplified or some of those who prevent longevity like systemic mTOR inherently underamplified or both. 
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