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The ongoing, never ending Obesity Paradox

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10 years ago I thought the obesity paradox would be resolved by now, but massive amounts of data leave it as it is:


an association that continues to bewilder scientists????


My take continues to be metformin, HBP meds and statins etc. IOWs medicine ameloriates the negative effects of overweight while leaving the advantages intact.

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That article is from Aug 2017. There's been a rash of new studies and metastudies recently (within the last couple of months) which seem to show that the obesity paradox is an illusion, although there is still some question as to whether being overweight might not be an advantage in case you have heart surgery. On the other hand even the recent studies also continue to show that being undeweight is a big negative - as that's often a marker for malnutrition, latent disease, smoking etc., there are just too few CRONies and the health nuts to push the needle on statistical studies.

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