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AHCC and Immunity (cures HPV in clinical study)

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I've taken AHCC on and off for years as well as beta glucans. When I had a UTI, it really helped me a lot. I I think it helped me overcome a UTI I had... I was getting it from AOR at the time after a friend suggested it to me. He also had some success with it.  It's been over 6 years now and it hasn't come back, but it was really difficult to treat.


A lot of the research is based on Asia, but I came across a study recently showing that eradicates HPV in women. So a phase II study was set up, although I don't know the status of that.

I did a bit of research and linked to a few studies in an article I wrote.  


Here's the article:  AHCC Benefits


Another 30 or so posts and that'll be 100 new posts on my site!  :)xyz

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 just took my first dose of AHCC (3 g) upon waking as 6 pills all at once, about an hour before I had my morning coffee. Am I supposed to be taking them all at once or should I be spreading them out, taking two at a time throughout the day? I have read conflicting advice about this. Also, should I always be waiting an hour after taking the pills before having my coffee?

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