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Which is better for longevity fishery or vegetarian diet?

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Ah, well, Fernando, now we are reasoning. What is better for longevity and not what is better for starvation-like BMIs !!

Opinions differ. Both are all right, except if you have ethical reasons, also fish is often polluted and on its way to exctintion unfortunately. In some parts of the world it is also very expensive, unless you eat canned sardines, which by the way are also nutritionally very good.

If you ask my very personal opinion, a vegetarian diet with enough lowfat or nonfat fresh dairy products seems to be ideal in many cases. 

Some authors like Valter Longo do not agree and say the best is a vegan diet with fish three times a week. I do not agree with Valter Longo on the basis of the wide variability in human digestive power, genetic makeup, exercise, tolerances and so on.





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