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The Return of the Blog

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Hey friends!  

Many of you may not know me... I was very active in the CR Society from 2004 - about 2016, depending on how you count it.  For seven years, I had a CR blog, from the beginning of my journey until the time when I decided to stop because I was going into a more Public Health oriented job, and didn't want my personal CR practice to be taken as a public health recommendation for the whole world! 

Now I've started again.  For various reasons, many years are lost, but the beginning and the new beginning are there.   I hope you join me for recipes, philosophy, CRONometer screen shots, and fun!  

Love always and may we live long,


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Great to see you blogging again! I really enjoyed learning what you've been up to the last few years. Sorry about your beloved dog. 16 for a golden retriever is very impressive! Sounds like she had a good life right up to the end. Can't beat that.

It looks like your diet is covering the bases, although I'd personally suggest a little more variety and quantity in the fruits and vegetables department in place of some of the yogurt and cheese.

I'm not sure what you'd think of this idea, but I put it out there for your consideration. I personally don't really read blogs anymore - just too much else out there to read. But many of us from the old CR days still hang out on these forums. Would you consider starting a thread on the "CR Practice" board to cross post your blog entries, especially those that are CR-related? I think people around here would appreciate it and would be more likely to engage with you and provide feedback than on your blog.

Just a thought,


P.S. You might want to update your age in the title box of your blog 🙂

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Thanks, always interested in people's health activities! 

Dean, it's true that blogs are no longer the "thing", but it might simply be that certain content is optimal for some formats but not others. V-logs are a much more current format popularity-wise, but it's quite a bit harder to pull off and fit in this kind of content. 

Anyhow, good to know interesting stuff is coming down the pike!

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