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Synergy between sleep and exercise

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Interesting article which investigates the synergy of exercise and sleep. To interpret with caution, since it's an epidemiological study. According to the association underlined in the study, we may theoretically counteract bad sleep problems with exercise. In cases like mine, where sleep is poor and fragmented, exercise according to this study would constitute at least in part sort of an antidote. undeniably, it also tends to improve sleep by building up adenosine.


Sleep and physical activity in relation to all-cause, cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality risk

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My disease supposedly affects the hypothalamus and poor sleep is a common symptom and my sleep was terrible.  But now it is excellent with a nightly strength training routine in a homemade infra-red sauna just before bed.  If I don't work out with sufficient intensity and duration my sleep still suffers giving strong motivation even when injured, fatigued or sick.  Hopefully the combination of exercise and good sleep makes my cardiovascular system bullet proof as my cholesterol is high and rising and I'm throwing caution to the wind.

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