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Jellyfish - the perfect high-glycine zero-suffering overfishing-resistant animal food

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I have extremely high disgust for meat and I finally had jellyfish today! It did not taste anything like meat, and being so far from humans in evolutionary distance, also is unlikely to have all the "side effects" of meat [like putrification or viruses]

My disgust response still somewhat exists for bivalves, but jellyfish taste almost more like fungi/plants than they do like meat...

...And with jellyfish populations now overwhelming fish populations in our extremely diseased oceans...



The dominant amino acids in both bell and oral arms of all jellyfish studied includes glycine, glutamate, threonine, proline, aspartate and arginine, while the major elements were sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, sulfur, zinc and silicon. Among the jellyfish, A. hardenbergi exhibited significantly higher total amino acids, chemical scores and collagen content (p < 0.05) compared to R. hispidum and R. esculentum. Having good protein quality and low calories, edible jellyfish is an appealing source of nutritive ingredients for the development of oral formulations, nutricosmetics and functional food.


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The one time I tried jellyfish, I was overwhelmed by its chewiness.  I'd asked the clerk in the store how it tasted, and she said "crunchy".  I thought no way!  So I bought some.  I now believe that as a non-native English speaker she confused the words "crunchy" and "chewy".  I recall it as otherwise rather bland.  

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