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Why vegan?

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I've seen this topic been discussed before, but I was wondering why are most of you vegans? Wouldn't it be more convenient to follow a high protein diet (lean protein + vegetables) that is highly satiating and that facilitates a caloric deficit? This way they would avoid the problems associated with fats and carbohydrates... and they could still continue eating a large amount of vegetables. This concern comes because a few months ago I saw a protocol called PSMF. I don't know what you think, I would like to know, thank you :)

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In this forum many people are vegan, but there are also lacto-ovo-vegetarians, pescetarians, maybe a few of omnivores.

In the vegan camp, there is some concern about signals potentially detrimental to health and longevity triggered by animal proteins. The main proponents of this thesis are Valter Longo and in some way Luigi Fontana. And there is the hugely popular (among vegans) article on 'cell' by Morgan Levin et al.: Low protein intake is associated with a major reduction in IGF-1, cancer, and overall mortality in the 65 and younger but not older population.

I've been throwing this concept, the same you expressed, in the forum, that a modest amount of lowfat or nonfat dairy products, due to its high DIAAS, may be beneficial in practicing CR. But some people are also vegan for ethical reasons. And some just hate dairy products, the reason for that is unknown to me.

If you say simply 'high protein', then people in this forum will start thinking about the over-amplification of mTOR, and overexpression of other pro-aging signals.

On the other side, soy protein are not animal and exhibit a pretty high DIAAS. Some people like Valter Longo will object to it anyhow. Hi protein according to him is always bad. Hi protein is defined as >=20% of total intake in energy.

PSMF: allegedly very good for people with obstinate obesity, who have great difficulties in losing weight. Protein smoothies in the day, salads, vegetables and some solid protein in the night. May be dangerous though, so medical supervision is advised, at least for those who are not very learned in nutrition.

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