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Huberman - quite a read


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Gee, who ever thought he was "reliable"? I listened to one episode, and immediately saw that his shtick was to take some initial findings and wildly extrapolate into confident recommendations. Worthless. Plus his recommendations fall into the completely useless and impractical category. The episode I listened to featured his supposed area of expertise, where he made a series of recommendations about exposing your eyes to various light conditions in just the "right way" - which encapsulated everything wrong with such "guru" podcasts; shaky science wildly exaggerated and claimed with 100% confidence, married to completely impractical routines that are supposedly going to benefit you. Who the F**k has the time to waste every morning on this speculative cr*p?? If you were to take seriously every recommendation from every one of these gurus, you would need not 24 hours a day, but 10,000 hours where the foot guy recommend 10 minutes of feet exercises, the back guy 15 minutes, the ear guy 7 minutes and so on for 10,000 hours of "health" routines every single day, and then comes Hubernan to add more time wasting snake oil on top of that. The hell with all those guys. All they ever do is pad their own pockets by wasting your time and attention to make money for themselves selling you nothing but a false dream. 

Waste of time. Another grifter, another hypester, another useless supplement pusher trying to scam you.

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I just finished listening to the most of his episodes during morning salad preparation. It took me many months to do so. I came to conclusion that it is a typical "amusement with a fleur of science" with 90% of useless information that nevertheless could sometimes raise curiosity about something (or about a guest) and that way feed the later search. The bad side of it - it is filled with "science supported sales" process (not only direct ads), so unprepared listener will sooner or later have a lot of b....t in his/her head. With time it became worse, both for topics and for promotions (eat more "high quality" protein for me is a 100 bulletproof red flag after reading of "Food politics" by Marion Nestle, so I dropped it completely to stay calm%)).

I wonder if there is some true version of a long running really scientific podcast that could be picked and listened regularly (? https://www.scientificamerican.com/podcasts/), so far only pop-sci audiobooks are useful but they are monologs and sometimes a discussion between highly knowledgeable people could bring valuable things almost never described in a book form.



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Thanks Igor and Tom for your responses in this thread. I largely agree with what you’ve posted. So with that being said, a natural question that comes from this is who do you consider to be better sources of information. A few people come to mind including the likes of Valter Longo and Luigi Fontana, while avoiding characters like David Sinclair and Andrew Huberman.  

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Well, there are a number of yt channels that I follow, but for many, you sort of have to take a corrective, you can't just take them at face value. Dr. Greger, has a vegan bias and tends to be rather selective, but what I like is that he brings up interesting papers. I like the plant chompers guy. Peter Attia has interesting guests sometimes, but you really have to pick and choose. And so on, in no particular order, Lustgarten, Miche Phd, Sheekey, Carvalho, Brad Stanfield, Inside Exercise, Andy Galpin, Nutrition by Science, physionic, mic the vegan, layne norton.

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