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Common Blood Pressure Drug Increases Lifespan And Slows Aging in Animals

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Common Blood Pressure Drug Increases Lifespan And Slows Aging in Animals





I'd never heard of this drug before but was interested based on it being described as a CR mimetic and it has antiinflammatory properties plus apparently very low reported side effects. There should be plenty of human data out there considering it is already prescribed to many people...

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Mm.... the drug has been found effective in the C. elegans tiny worm.

Do not let's forget that some compounds that have been effective in improving longevity in much more complex animals like mice, (the popular resveratrol for example), did not exhibit the same effect in humans.

Presently, when something is found that is beneficial for mice, that's only a possible hint that maybe the same compound may turn out to be beneficial to humans, after confirmation from rigorous clinical trials.

When something is found that is beneficial for worms, I guess it is ready to be tested on flies, then on mice, and finally on humans. Bottom line, it is probably a long way to go yet.

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