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Cronometer once a day meal plan


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I've created a meal in cronometer that is only 1202.1 calories and meets all of the daily requirements for vitamins and nutrients without exceeding daily upper limits other than the macronutrient protein.


I wanted to find out if this looks like a good 1-2 times a week meal to eat to those more familiar with CRON. It doesn't have any berries, other fruits, or seeds (only almonds as a nut), so I realize there are other considerations besides the RDAs that it may not be meeting.


My goal in crafting a meal was to find something I could make as a relatively appetizing meal that meets all nutritional requirements at a lower caloric value so that I could eat that without adding any supplements for that day. Because of this, I did have to pick items that seemed to go together to make what's basically a Chinese stir-fry type dish.


Of note, because cronometer and many sites / databases do not generally have numbers for biotin, chromium, iodine, and molybdenum, I had to change existing foods to custom ones, then used values from Food Composition and Nutrition Tables, 7th Edition by Souci, Fachmann, and Kraut (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0849341418/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) as it was one of the few scholarly references I could find that does have data on those values for various foods.


Of further note, I modified fluoride to be much lower than the RDA in chronometer. It was yet another data item less commonly noted for foods, and I highly doubt I'm not getting enough fluoride each day.


Any suggestions or input is appreciated. Thanks for the help that's been provided thus far on other topics.




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very good, Miraenda, it's not easy to concoct a low calories whole day meal which satisfies all micronutrients RDAs. Very good turmeric+black pepper and other spices. If following Gordo's suggestions, that would become a pesco-vegetarian regimen, which in the adventist study would suggest the lowest mortality RR. I don't know how that would impinge upon the micronutrients.

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Thank you both. I'll copy that day to another one and then work with taking 1-2 of the eggs out and replacing with some additional nuts.


While the ghee is lower calorically than olive oil, I can try replacing it with olive oil to see the results. I switch back and forth between olive oil and ghee on days, sometimes using coconut oil when I want a change. 


For the cheese, I don't think I can remove it and still have this taste appetizing to me. I also don't think I can add berries and have this taste appetizing to me. I do love berries, but they would be strange to have in this dish. 

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