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What is the best diet for humans?


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I almost didn't watch it because of the misleading title and I've long since stopped believing there is a one best diet for everyone.  But I'm glad I watched it.  However, optimizing ones diet for glucose response seems to be merely one piece in the puzzle of truly optimizing ones diet.  And optimizing for glucose isn't quite as easy as portrayed.  I've got and used 4 blood glucose meters and many hundreds of strips in the last year.  And while I'm developing a better sense of how I'll respond after a meal I'm still sometimes surprised.  It's more complicated than some foods are good and some are bad.

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[...]I've long since stopped believing there is a one best diet for everyone.[...]


Or best exercise program for everyone - in fact, there are those, perhaps as many as 20% of humans, for whom exercise appears either not helpful or actually harmful. Those are non-responders, but at the other end are the super-responders. And isn't this true for almost everything including drugs - individual responses? It has long been understood that the ultimate aim is personalized medicine, but we simply didn't have the tools - and still have few tools today. A complicated interaction of genes and environment and lifestyle choices all result in very individual responses, and while public health rules of thumb are helpful, truly meaningful interventions must be individually tailored. We are far from that as yet. Probably, sadly, not in our lifetimes (folks on this board).

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