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Interesting blood sugar (CHART)


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Interesting blood glucose reading from lunch.


The meal was 4 slices of bread and 1 cookie and some 150ml of chocolate milk.
I ate the 3 slices of bread with cheese and 1 with butter.
I guess it was >80% of calories coming from carbohydrates. I was in empty stomach, it was the 2nd meal of the day and the first meal was a tiny ammount.

Im on a moderate CR. I think this response qualifies as a glucose tolerant. I can say I was very hungry when i start eating and only stopped when i felt full.

I describe this reading as normal under CR, it took almost 4 hours for the glucose level to normalize and from many readings i've done in the past it shows the insulin resistance effects of a moderate to severe chronic calorie restriction.


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Two hour post meal is about 170. I would be dissatisfied with that. I suggest eating a similiar meal but start with a pile of vegetables and wait 10 minutes or so and then eat it and watch the effect. It should improve. Or just try cutting out things like bread and chocolate milk. Focus on vegetables, legumes, nuts, olive oil and your readings should improve. My two hour post meal is usually 90 or below. My meals are heavy on veggies, nuts, olive oil and legumes.

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AFAIK, glucose tolerance or intolerance should be declared after a standard gluscose challenge test, implying the ingestion of a standard solution of a standard concentration of glucose.


There is simply no term of comparison for other tests. 


The above having been said, your lunch as you describe it was sure a hyperglicaemic one, so the peak seems to be justified.

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