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Can we trust peer-reviewed papers? (a video on this topic)

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Even if you're familiar with the myriad shortcomings (to outright frauds) of the journal/paper "industry", this not-too-long refresher course is worth watching:

Be sure to also check out the below-video Comments.

At least Al's a bit curious on the issue ;) Edited by KHashmi317

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Great video Khurram, thank you for posting.


This video actually supports the ( imperfect but critical ) peer-review process and the corresponding legitimate journals.


What it emphasizes is the problems with pay-for-publication “journals” that are not peer reviewed and are trying to pass for one.


1) verify the journal is listed as legitimate in the Master Journal List: http://mjl.clarivate.com/- if it is not listed, be suspicious


2) Look for a respectable impact factor: though there is no hard and fast rule ( narrower specialties generally have lower impact factors), in most specialties a decent journal is generally at least a “2”, with particular strong journals >=5 in many specialties ( I would not require a 5 for a narrow specialty): https://clarivate.com/essays/impact-factor/( don’t have the direct link for public access).


Al Pater: I think we covered this before but forgive me for asking / updating : do you automate your literaute searches published, and if so what database ( Pubmed Medline I presume?) and what sequence of MeSH or other search terms, limit criterion, and Boolean operators do you input?


Also do you subscribe so you get the updates automatically in your mailbox?


It would be interesting to see your latest search algorithm if you are willing to disclose; I have greatly enjoyed your regular postings and use it to double check I haven’t missed anything in my own regular searches.

Edited by Mechanism

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Thanks Khurram, I had not heard Peter Hadfield before but it look has channel has had > 150K viewers. I found the skeptics part of his bio interesting too.

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