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Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training

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Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training, using an inspiratory resistance device. 

The fundamental idea behind this is that your breathing muscles need training just like any other. Apparently, with such training there are multiple unexpected benefits including lowering blood pressure, increased exercise performance, benefits for brain health and so on. 



A more detailed presentation from a researcher long involved in this area and giving an overview of research in this area (unfortunately in the form of a lengthy youtube video):


However, as has always been my habit, before I undertake any therapy or procedure, I like to thoroughly research protocol. It is in this context, that I found a paper that seems to imply that a slightly different protocol is actually effective:


In any case, I have decided to plunge into yet another crazy project, and went ahead and purchased this device - which was apparently developed with the help of the foremost reasearcher in this area:


I have just started out on this device, and so I'm not as yet in a position to give a personal report on its effects. YMMV.



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What makes you believe that this device "was developed with the help of the foremost reasearcher in this area"? The product info in the listing is minimal, and the reviews look fake, which doesn't inspire (ha ha — "inspire," get it?) confidence.

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I believe the device Powerbreathe has been developed with Prof Alison McConnell, who has been researching Inspiratory Muscle Training for a long time now - in my OP I linked to the video she did giving an overview of research in that area in the last few decades. Here is her bio mentioning Powerbreathe:


The device I bought and linked to on Amazon is sold by POWERbreathe International Ltd. 

From the website it appears that Prof Alison McConnell is the linchpin as shown here:


I don't know if she supervised the specific model I mentioned, but she does appear connected to the same company.

Again, I'm agnostic as to whether this whole thing is legit or not, but it might be technique dependent as I mentioned when citing the PubMed link. At least that particular study seems to indicate that some benefits occur when used in a specific way - and the researcher don't seem connected to any commercial interests:


So it's not like there is no science behind the intervention. Now, perhaps the specific device I linked to is not legit, but I have no particular reason to think that. 

Anyhow, I've been doing it for a week now, and as yet it's too early to say what the effect will be.

Regardless, I didn't post this to try to convince anyone to go ahead and do this - in fact, I posted this as an example of my tendency to recklessly try any cockamamie procedure and gadget (like the whole body vibration machine). So this is a giant CAVEAT EMPTOR. Not promoting this at all!

I'll give my report after a few weeks - supposedly you should feel some effect after 6 weeks or so. We'll see if I get at least a placebo effect. YMMV.

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