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Is it worth avoiding titanium dioxide in supplements?

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While looking at some supplements today I couldn't help but notice many of the cheaper ones often use titanium dioxide in the ingredients list, as the white coloring agent. However there was a small study in 2018 showing a possible link between this submicron size of titanium dioxide coloring crystals with increased chances of type-2 diabetes, and accumulation of these crystals in the pancreas.


Any consensus among forum participants: Is it better to pay a little more and avoid supplements (and foods) containing this coloring agent?


Association of Type 2 Diabetes with Submicron Titanium Dioxide Crystals in the Pancreas



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A while back I looked  into various common "other ingredients" in supplements.   Titanium dioxide seemed to be one of the more dubious ones,  compared to magnesium stearate for example,  but it wouldn't be unreasonable to conclude it is "probably safe".    In any case, I decided to avoid it.  In fact,  I now put a lot more emphasis on the quality and purity of supplement ingredients,  going for zero additives, fillers etc. and organic whenever possible.   Cost be damned.  And it does cost.😈

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