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Dog Longevity - New Guinness Record


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While I’m not sure we can extract too much from this, I know with people’s interest with longevity around here that many will enjoy it! 

I suspect this animal had a great combination of genes, luck, and perhaps environment. 

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Very Interesting, Bobi's longevity is certified, I've had numerous dogs and only one, a female dwarf dachshund, went over the 10 years threshold.

I live in full countryside and dogs have been able at times to roam in the surrounding fields and woods, but this was detrimental to their health, because of fights with wild animals, parasites, and other. One dog killed all the chicken in the same chickencoop twice and people might have shot her.

Now they are confined in the garden, which is not a small one after all.

I realistically expect they'll live at max half the age of Bobi

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