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Metformin - yet another u-turn?

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Metformin's claimed effects in healthy (i.e. non-diabetic) humans have certainly been full of twists, turns and reversals. Extends life, cuts down on cancer; no it doesn't and not in non-diabetics. Blunts or eliminates the benefits of exercise, poor effects on vo2max and muscle training.

Latest plot twist: attenuates muscle atrophy (in the immobilized), generally slows the senescence of muscle tissues and keeps those cells young in older people:


Stay tuned, I'm sure another 180 is just around the corner.

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Very short-term. I am not sure how significant the differences are. Or, what other confounding factors there were. I am not sure if it's relevant, but it likely is, that some of the participants had A1C 5.9 which is rather high, and most were stage A obese. Importantly, I didn't notice insulin data mentioned.

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