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Oreo Cookie Treatment Lowers LDL Cholesterol More Than High-Intensity Statin therapy

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9 hours ago, Todd Allen said:

I believe practically the polar opposite and that LMHRs are in general exquisitely insulin sensitive.  Our viewpoints are so completely divergent that discussion is pointless.

I don't know why it's pointless, unless we are really dealing with "beliefs." If I see a good argument, I am perfectly happy to change my mind. But I have adopted a somewhat low-fat diet precisely because my research led me to a lot of good arguments and evidence that generally low fat is healthier in the long run.

As to insulin resistance and high-fat diets, it seems to me that there is pretty well-supported evidence, both in epidemiological and RCSs.

Below are two examples:

Dietary Fat and the Development of Type 2 Diabetes

Link between high-fat diet and type 2 diabetes clarified


It also seems like there is more than one way that high-fat diets increase insulin resistance over time, and here is another potential mechanism:

“And in [high-fat diet]-fed mice with PKCε intact — which are glucose intolerant — we saw more of the unhealthy, engorged fat cells, that tend to have less access to oxygen and become inflamed.”


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3 hours ago, Todd Allen said:

This is Nick Norwitz.

Yep, he is 24. Calcium score is rather meaningless at that age. I had a body type similar to him at 24 and ate KFC. I also smoked back then and it had no effect.

High plasma LDL-c and cholesterol in general strongly correlate with atherosclerosis and most likely is a significant contributing factor.

Atherosclerosis takes decades to form, but generally, it leads to higher mortality based on available evidence. If Nick stays on keto, the results are likely to start showing up when he is 50.

As to whacky examples in the Nick Norwitz vein, here are a couple just as convincing ones:

The KFC Diet (I can confirm that at the age of 20, I did not have any adverse effects from frequent KFC bucket meals and did not gain weight. Back then KFC also had tons of transfats, therefore transfats can't be bad either, right?):

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 9.56.11 AM.png


The MacDonald's Diet:

'Starting off everyone's like "No, you're gunna die, why are you doing this? Rest in peace,"' said Maginnis. 'Now, people are seeing that it's working.' Whether his methods are healthy or not, his (scale) results don't lie, with 21lbs (10kg) lost in 21 days so far."

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