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Biomarkers Of Kidney Function: Creatinine, Cystatin C, What's Optimal?

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Thanks Mike!

My EGFR is always above 100, and my creatinine is low. I can do about 55 push-ups these days, so not worried about muscle mass too much, even though I am pretty lean (11% fat).

But wondering if it's worth testing Cystatin C, since I have never done it and don't have a base to compare future measurements against.

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I though for several years about starting to track cystatine c due to my low absolute creatinine (low body frame, low protein plants only diet) that creates too good (to be trusted) egfr but somehow missed out to start it, so finally this video motivated me to at least establish an own  baseline.

I think it makes sense to track the triad - adding also nt-probnp as a widely available thing to these two markers. A kind of motivation - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7907483/

Level and Change in N-Terminal Pro-B-Type Natriuretic Peptide and Kidney Function and Survival to Age 90

Astrid D Häberle, DDS, MSc,1 Mary L Biggs, PhD,2 Mary Cushman, MD, MSc,3 Bruce M Psaty, MD, PhD,4,5 Anne B Newman, MD, MPH,6 Michael G Shlipak, MD, MPH,7,8 John Gottdiener, MD,9 Chenkai Wu, PhD, MPH, MS,10,11 Julius M Gardin, MD,12 Nisha Bansal, MD, MSc,13 and Michelle C Odden, PhD1
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