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Is 30 years of age too old to start CR


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I was thrown into ageing research, biology, CR and such interventions when at age of 27 I found a small tiny "wrinkle" in my face. So before age of 27 I never noticed any age related physical change and i am very picky about everything. So everything that was happening was visually unnoticeable until then.

I started to starve myself almost immediatly even before reading the research because I intuintivily suspected that eating less would slow down metabolism and thus slow down the ageing process. Althought I was right, it was for different reasons after finding out about the research.

Very sadly I had to abort several times during age 28 and 29 to try different approches, read more about the research, change eating habits and founding more about risks/benefits.

I am now a 30 year old male (and that stupid wrinkle is just barely more noticeble) and I feel like I have all the theory, research, risks/benefits and methodology figured out.

The main reason I want to do CR is because I havent "reproduced" yet and I feel like I lost an immense ammount of time in school or working on other things that would provide me with financial stability. I can't afford to be on my physical peak all the time while I spend most of my time inside house, with low chances to find some girl and date her.
So i am not worried about longevity and living longer per say, just delaying my peak window, given that i will start refeeding if I find a girl I like.

But at the same time I feel like I lost the chance to do it, because the better CR results studies on monkeys were with juvenille CR onset. late 20's is not juvenille, is already adulthood. So is 30 years of age already too late?

Just to be clear, I am interested in retaining my young phenotype for longer.

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Not too late at all if you believe this:



I'd venture to guess that severe CR may hurt your chances with the ladies though, then again, there's an app for that! If you can't find someone you are compatible with in the online/app age, are you even trying?  ;)

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In that study it is more like comparing a bad diet to a bad-diet but on CR.
But one good thing is that in that study all monkeys were started in adulthood, so around my age. The NIA study is more interesting, but I dont seem to find any pictures of the monkeys in that study. Only markers and more markers. I want to see how they look like.

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Survival curves from the two studies:


UW=more of a junk diet

I haven't been very impressed by the prospects of CR alone from these studies, but others have been.


The comparison pictures that have been published I think were all from the UW study, which showed that if you are going to eat a bad diet, CR may help keep you younger looking:


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Thanks for those lifespan curves Gordo,
I've seen the pictures of UW study (it's the only pictures i can found from the monkey CR studies), and the lifespan curves don't do justice by how different they look.
The CR monkey look really young compared to CON, even if they die not much later.

I can only wonder how much phenotypicaly superior juvenille CR onset must be, at least in monkeys. I would never advise someone to do CR starting at age of 15, at least above age 20, minimum.

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