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Salad Dressings for CRON dieters?


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Hello All,


Just wondering -- I found a site that claims to have calorie-free salad dressings and would like to know more about their ingredients... I absolutely love salad and green leafy vegetables but am unsure if these dressings are any good -- they have so many artificial ingredients... Any opinions?

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Unless the only ingredient is water I don't see how these can actually be calorie free. I couldn't find any nutrition facts for them on their website, and on other websites the info I found didn't make any sense. It looks like their strategy is to use an unholy mix of concentrated "natural flavors" whatever that means.


Here is one review:



I struggle with how to describe the flavour – it tastes like ranch dressing, just really bad ranch dressing. The flavour is flat and it has a chemical-like aftertaste

My take on those products? My mouth's still mad at me. Certainly among the very worst things that have ever been in it. 

Of all of the products, their Marshmallow Dip was the truest in taste. Still cloyingly sweet. Still a horrible chemical aftertaste. But then so too does actual Fluff. 

These products are horror shows in bottles. 



I've been making Dr. Greger's recipe for Golden Turmeric Dressing which you can find here. According to Cronometer this this recipe has about 197 calories in it, but for those calories you get quite a lot of dressing and it tastes really good. A lot of the flavor comes from the miso. Here is Dr. Greger's video on whether miso is healthy given its saltiness.


I've also made and enjoyed a poppy seed dressing which is one of the recipes in the Anti-Aging plan. It tastes really good, but uses honey as its sweetener. I still make it from time to time but have tried to avoid honey since it seems to be mostly empty calories.


I would love to find some more good dressing recipes to try. One thing I sometimes do is add some blended berries which ends up acted as a dressing of sorts, and I get my daily serving of berries out of it.

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The masters of low-calorie dressings are the vegan low-fat doctors: Fuhrman, McDougall, Barnard. You might try and look up the first ones, their sites should propose some recipes with nonfat dressings. Their books sure have many of'em, which I never tried.


Fuhrman goes heavy on vinegars:



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