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Dear ALL,


This morning, as my wife was watching the morning news (CBS This Morning), I saw something that

interested me -- a spokesman for an NIH Study that hope to collect detailed health records of one million

Americans, of diverse backgrounds, to store in a massive privacy protected database that is avialble

for researchers all over the world. It's not entirely clear what benefit this database will

be to participants -- mostly in no way: but it is indicated that some of the data will be

available to participants (hopefully, the genomic sequencing).


There is a massive collection event occurring this coming Sunday, at 6 locations in the US.

Three of them are in NYC -- so I theoretically could participate -- except that I'm proctoring

two final exams this Sunday, 12:30PM-7PM.


However, it appears that new collection sites will be being set up; I theoretically (maybe for real)

might arrange to go one of the the two collection sites of Columbia University).


I've signed up for this program (I do have the option to withdraw).


The website is www.joinallofus.org.


I'd like to get the thoughts of some of you about this project. Perhaps some of you

have already participated in the pilot project? (About 26,000 people did.)


-- Saul

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