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Am I doing it right?


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I have recently started to think more serious about weaning myself onto a raw vegetarian cron-diet and as a result this is what I ate every day a few weeks ago:


lots of cabbage slaw

lots of carrot and broccoli slaw

olive oil

red kidney beans (from a can)


hard-boiled eggs

mixed nuts

dried cranberries

and other fruits and vegetables

all with organic poppyseed dressing


My concern is that I used cabbage slaw, broccoli and carrot slaw rather than green leafy vegetables. Also, there was little variety in what I ate (I ate the same salad every day) because 1. I'm lazy 2. I don't really know how to make anything else and have limited time... I am also worried that putting half an avocado, half a handful of mixed nuts, half a hard boiled egg and a tablespoon of olive oil might be too much and that I should spread it out somehow. My portion size was a deli container about the size of two fists and I had four of those a day. Should I have added more greens? They have so little calories but require so much dressing to spice them up!


What are some ideas for spicing things up/altering this recipe? What else can I make that's relatively easy and what are some other salad ideas? I'd like to stick mainly to salads cause they are tasty and easy to make and you can get so many different foods in one dish... What are some of your favorites? Please keep in mind that I am a vegetarian with the exception of Caesar dressing which has anchovies and lime jello powder for my matcha tea which has grated horse bones.


I'd appreciate any input/help...


Happy Dieting!

 😁 😁 😁 😁

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The free web app cronometer http:// https://cronometer.com/ can be helpful to identify micronutrient deficiency risks when making big changes in diet as well as helping track intake of calories and macronutrients.  Prepared salad dressings often have ingredients such as refined seed oils, added sugars and sometimes preservatives, artificial colors, flavorings and other things one might prefer to avoid.

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the quantities you mention sound all right, although you should check the nutrients by cronometer as todd suggests.

The quality also sounds good to start out with, with some patience you might find some interesting vegan and vegetarian recipes out there.

I like eaw salads with arugula which is naturally spicy, hi polyphenol EVOO salt and apple cider vinegar.

I also cook vegetables a lot, frozen spinachs are cheap and cook pretty quick in a pan with a little tomato sauce, spices (some mix of them you can find frozen), EVOO.

Ditto other frozen veggies like string beans, swiss chards, turnip greens and all leafy vegetables. such cooked vegetables with garbanzo beans or other beans are delicious especially if spiced, I remember one time I ate one kilo of it!

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