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'Extraordinary' Breakthroughs In Anti-Aging Research 'Will Happen Faster Than People Think'


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'Extraordinary' Breakthroughs In Anti-Aging Research 'Will Happen Faster Than People Think'


“I think there’s a huge amount of skepticism. There’s an enormous number of charlatans…I understand why they would be thinking you know, is this real?” Bailey told Endpoints. “Walk into your local drugstore, you’re going to see about 50 products that claim to be anti-aging, and I can assure you that none of them are.”

Bailey said creams that claim everything and do nothing and vitamins that basically give users “expensive urine” are the reason for that skepticism.

And investors are not as quick to step up as he would like. Bailey told Endpoints: “We’re dramatically being underserved…it’s not getting the exposure that tech gets, considering the size of the market.” He said he believes there is “a disconnect” on how investors and institutions are viewing anti-aging technology. “I don’t think they quite grasp how fast this is going to happen, and how big it’s going to be.”

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1 hour ago, TomBAvoider said:

Bailey said creams that claim everything and do nothing

I recently trialed an inexpensive bio-identical progesterone cream I got through Amazon.   It definitely wasn't do nothing for me, most everything I track, blood sugar, ketones, food intake, weight, body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, sleep, exercise performance/recovery and subjective feelings of energy and well being had profound dose correlated swings.   I ramped up dosing over 2 weeks from roughly 10% to 50% of suggested dosing and stopped taking it over a week ago and still haven't fully returned to baseline.  It would take repeated trials to increase confidence that the experienced changes were fully due to the cream but some of the changes were concerning enough that I'm somewhat hesitant to continue testing despite potential benefits.

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