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Blood Panel: What to Test Annually?

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A member asked me about my diet composition, so I am posting a representative Cronometer grab here.

My diet varies, but I generally have some type of legume every day, random green leafy vegetables and roots, mushrooms and tomatoes, flax meal, wheat germ, and often steel-cut oats. Coffee and matcha in the morning, raw cacao drink (hot) in the evening, plus a mix of spices such as amla, reishi and lion's mane powder, ginger, turmeric, nigella, more matcha powder, olive leaf, and so on. I supplement with 500mg of B-12, D if I am stuck in a winter location, and I also add other stuff occasionally, like NAC, Citrulline, etc..



Web capture_27-1-2024_85321_cronometer.com.jpeg

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