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Pesticides and their effects (eg blunting the mortality decrease from fruits/vegetables)

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^this is really bad. I never expected the effect sizes to be this big


Interestingly, although intake of low-pesticide residue FV was inversely related to mortality from causes other than CVD, cancer and respiratory diseases, combined (Table 2), mortality from neurological diseases was unrealated to intake of intake of either low- or high-pesticide residue FVs.

^that said, neurological diseases are like, really the only thing that matter for many of us who just WON'T die from CVD or cancer... (but more from weakness/low FEV1/sarcopenia => I wish they had healthspan data more detailed than mortality data for this)

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But look at multivariate-adjusted thing for OTHER causes of mortality for HIGH FV-intake... (the cases are really low at the highest FV intake levels relevant to us)

Other causes of death (n = 14,222)5
Cases 6,516 5,682 1,575 337 112  
Age-adjusted 1 (Ref.) 0.69(0.66, 0.71) 0.59(0.56, 0.63) 0.63(0.56, 0.70) 0.63(0.52, 0.76) <0.0001
Multivariable-adjusted1, 2 1 (Ref.) 0.96(0.92, 1.00) 0.94(0.88, 1.02) 1.10(0.97, 1.25) 1.17(1.09, 1.25) 0.78
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On 12/17/2021 at 5:40 PM, Mike41 said:

My take on it is simple. If you can afford the extra cost EAT ORGANIC! Why piss around with all kinds of chemicals. Who really knows what they do to us. If ya can’t afford the extra cost do a 2% salt solution and wash your stuff that’s not peelable.

https://www.consumerreports.org/pesticides-herbicides/easy-way-to-remove-pesticides-a3616455263/ gave some pretty good suggestions.

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