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Researchers Identify a New Hallmark of Aging (myriocin, ceramides, prevent muscle loss)


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Researchers Identify a New Hallmark of Aging

TOPICS:AgingEcole Polytechnique Federale De LausanneMuscleStem CellsUniversity Of Helsink

A new mechanism of aging has been uncovered by researchers: the accumulation of sphingolipids. Ceramides, a widely known class of sphingolipids, build up in aging muscle and reduce its function, impacting the functional capacity of older adults. These findings inspire the development of potential drugs for the treatment of aging.

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Interesting, I didn't know that ceramides reduce muscle function, too.

But I don't know if the headline is all that accurate, as increased ceramides are a known potential marker for CVD and all sorts of metabolic problems, including diabetes.

Exercise is known to be quite effective at reducing them and their impact, and so is apparently CR.

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