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What "less obvious" health actions do you engage in to promote longevity?

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Many of us seem to pay attention to the big movers around here that have an outsized impact on health. These are things like a great diet, regular exercise, sound sleep, stress management, not smoking, abstaining (or limiting) alcohol, and beyond. And of course many of us engage in varying degrees of caloric restriction, as is showcased by the low BMI's of many members of this discussion board. I think it's safe to say that most of us have done a relatively good job meeting most of the pillars of health, even if there is disagreement on what those details mean, or even if one struggles with an individual pillar. 

Outside of the major practices that drive 80-90% of your health and life span goals, what are some other practices you pay attention to that don't fall into of the conventional "big buckets?" 



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Cold exposure!

Cold Exposure & Other Mild Stressors for Increased Health & Longevity https://www.crsociety.org/topic/11488-cold-exposure-other-mild-stressors-for-increased-health-longevity/

I continue to do 6 minutes per day of vibration therapy on my vibration table for bone health and other health benefits discussed in this thread:

Whole Body Vibration Therapy for Bone Health


You and I both are avid gardeners Drew. It provides modest exercise, a lot to learn and a bounty of healthy fruit and vegetables. 



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I'm a lot more careful about air quality than I used to be. From pandemics, to wildfires, to just regular "normal" air pollution in cities and roads. Plenty of evidence now that all of these types of air pollution and infections accelerate aging and increase all kinds of health risks.


Modified my businesses to enable zero commuting. Driving a car around is a quintuple loser activity: waste of time you could be doing something better, exposure to higher air pollution on roads, direct costs of commuting/vehicle maintenance, increased stress from dealing with crazy other drivers (stress is now confirmed to accelerate aging), and the very real risk of being killed in an accident.

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a candidate tool for a toolset - jumping and / or massage and / or diaphragm breathing practice to support lymphatic circulation according to



while I think a lot of stuff in the book is too "health and wellness style" (unfortunately it is genre now and thus not authors fault) with a lot of wrong simplifications I think there is a clue in supporting the lymph circulation, especially for very low activity extreme CR regimens, bedlocking disabilities and so on

those who are running or brisk walking do enough perhaps

I also think to add jump rope to my routine as a coordination stimulation activity but still lazy to start it finally


for the sake of completeness - there could be negative effect also - widening distribution of bad things and while it is known that during severe illnesses it is better to be in a calm bed regimen cancer is also distributed mostly via lymphatic system and it is silent process (



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