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New York Times Article on CR

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The New York Times has a new article today on CR. I think it does a pretty good job covering the results of the classic and more recent CR studies, concluding that it is uncertain as to whether CR will extend human lifespan.

Here is the link. I've made it a "gift" article link so you should be able to read it even without a NYT subscription:

Could Eating Less Help You Live Longer? https://www.nytimes.com/2024/04/24/well/eat/calorie-restriction-fasting-longevity.html?unlocked_article_code=1.m00.2QK3.WribpYAu7QOf

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That's pretty fancy gifting ~thanks for that and for the comments. I found the content a helpful refresher. One part I liked was: "the Calerie study … dieters improved several aspects ... including blood pressure and insulin sensitivity, and they had lower levels of a few markers of inflammation … Calorie restriction ‘didn’t make people younger, but it made the rate at which they age slower,’ said Dr. Huffman, who worked on the trial.”

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Thanks for gifting this article to us Dean. The article captures the possible benefits of CR along with the limitations quite nicely. I have to give the writer a great deal of credit for producing an article that is fairly easy to read for the layman, myself included. As the article states and concludes:

It’s difficult to definitively answer whether intermittent fasting, calorie restriction or a combination of the two could cause people to live longer.

With nearly 1000 comments at the time of this post, it sure got a lot of attention!

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I agree.  Kenton's comment makes sense, too.

I have a complimentary subscription to the NYT (a courtesy extended to me by virtue of being a [fully employed] prof at the University of Rochester -- and I had been considering posting that same article to the NYT.

  --  Saul


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