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hazards and benefits of a fruitarian on CR

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Good paper, thanks mccoy!

And it's become only worse with Covid.  The woke mobs tried to cancel Ioannidis, too. Now, all we hear from the media and politicians is "the scientists" made them do it, as if "the scientists" are another monolithic identity group with "truths" that must not be debated, even by other scientists.

Again, there may not be an agreed-upon by all diet perfect for all (science is a continuously knowledge-producing discipline, not a dogmatic ideology), but whole fruits, vegetables, and grains are likely a better diet for healthspan than KFC, smoking, and heavy drugs and alcohol consumption....

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Sibiriak, that's really for specialists in biostatistics. The following quote includes some interesting questions from professor Harrel



This paper had a fine statistician as a co-author. I can only conclude that the pressure to avoid disappointment with a conclusion of spending a lot of money with little to show for it was in play. Why was such an underpowered study launched? Why do researchers attempt “hail Mary passes”? Is a study that is likely to be futile fully ethical? Do medical journals allow this to happen because of some vested interest?


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