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Frozen berries


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Hi all,

I am aware that many of you guys are eating berries regularly, fresh and frozen.

Now, recently I read about a batch of frozen berries contaminated by hepatitis virus. On the package they warn that the food must be cooked. I know though that most people consume them uncooked.

Now I'd like to know how you guys tackle this particular issue since I just stopped eating frozen berries after having read the reports.

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Todd, yes, I think maybe I'm going to stick to the berries when they are in season here and otherwise eat different fruits, even if with higher glycaemic index.


Or maybe balancing the very small odds of contamination. But it is a possibility if the frozen berries are eaten uncooked.


Apparently, hepatitis A derives from contmination with faecal matter during processing, happened in Australia in 2017

In Italy it happened a few years ago.



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