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I fully agree, Mechanism.

Another aspect I believe is risk appetite, and specifically risk appetite dependent on the specific individual situation or propensities.

For example, the idea of young blood transfusion simply does not attract me. Injecting the blood of another individual, even if younger and maybe in better health, conceptually seems a violation of my biological privacy and individuality. With the actual potential consequences you outlined.

Whereas I'm pretty much willing to accept the potential risks of cold exposure, which, besides its purported health benefits, fits into my appreciation of self discipline, stoicism, and mental strenght. 

Conversely, some other people may be attracted to parabiosis even though with a knowledge of the potential risks. 

Gambling is part of human nature and, the riskier the gamble, the greater the potential benefit or loss.

At the end though, maybe it's good that the precautionary principle govern, however not excluding small foreys into riskier territories !

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Thanks for the link. I listened to the parabiosis interview (I m glad to know they don't sew mice in pairs any longer) and found that it filled significant gaps I had in my knowledge on the subject.

I listed to one other podcast from the series and also found it illuminating.

Thanks for turning me on to it.

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On 8/8/2019 at 12:39 AM, Mechanism said:

i also enjoy STEM talks very much.  The host has a bit of pro high protein, pro-keto orientation, but generally they try to remain as objective as possible

The fact that they invited Valter Longo in one of their episodes belies a degree of objectivity. Also, the host did not insist too much questioning Longo on an issue of meat consumtion.

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