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What's a maximal life expectancy?


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I've heard different claims about in which extent we can prolonge human life thanks to CR.

I wonder if the data found in mice is translatable to humans, if so in what measure.

Some say we could live till 150.

But how come we have no data of anyone living over 122 years old, one case over 120.

In the past 50 years about 2 billion people have died. Only one has been recorded to live over 120.

Perhaps the very old did CR and it did help them to become centenarians but it just translated proportionally In a lesser way than in mice.

Please give your opinions about what a maximum life expectancy thanks to CR would be possible for an average human.


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Absolutely no way a woman with perfect genetics, that eats a perfect diet along with perfect sleep routine, perfect exercise, CR, etc will live past 122 (btw, a definition of perfect doesn’t exist for any of these and needs also vary by individual).  Perhaps 116 for men.

CR is still effective in getting you as close as possible; especially with optimal nutrition and several other beneficial things you can do that many others here do.

150yrs on CR is just as ridiculous as 250 years; not possible - Without some breakthrough or intervention such as SENS or this aging reduction ‘elixer’; both of which have a ways to go at the moment.

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25 minutes ago, Saul said:



omg.  I really can't argue with the skepticism - I really can't help but laugh as well BUT

Seriously give each of these 2 ... or 3 ... or 5 years (max).

Even SENS was aiming for 'Project 21' which was human trials in 2021- look that one up.  

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Ironically, most people who practice CR and other well-being regimes are more interested in healthspan than maximal life expectancy. As for your question, no one knows the answer or is likely to have the answer with any degree of certainty anytime soon (or perhaps ever). As for Jeanne Calment, the alleged oldest person to have ever lived, it is quite possible she lived to be 122. However, it is also possible that this longevity claim is fraudulent: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/02/17/was-jeanne-calment-the-oldest-person-who-ever-lived-or-a-fraud

Pending a massive breakthrough in biotech and longevity science, max human life span isn't changing anytime soon. One can hope for a breakthrough as we experienced with the advent of anti-biotics, sanitation, and other landmark moments in health, but only time will tell what comes to fruition. 

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13 hours ago, drewab said:

... As for Jeanne Calment, the alleged oldest person to have ever lived, it is quite possible she lived to be 122. ...

Based on the evidence, it's almost certain that she lived to 122.  Also, we have a number of other verified supercentenarians who lived until their centerianrien teens, so the leap to 122+ is not all that questionable and it provides a good sense of what is a maximum lifespan.

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