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Ergothioneine Extends Lifespan (in flies)

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Today Nutritionfacts.org released a video on this topic called Dietary Sources of the “Longevity Vitamin” Ergothioneine.  There is A LOT packed into this 6-minute video and I would encourage everyone here to take a look. Some basic highlights include:

  • Low levels of ergothioneine are associated with a host of problems including cardiovascular disease, dementia, and mild cognitive impairment
  • Bruce Ames considers ergothioneine to be a “longevity vitamin”
  • Practically speaking, mushrooms (including several varieties) and tempeh are the richest sources
  • Ergothioneine crosses the blood brain barrier
  • Dietary consumption of ergotheioneine increased levels measured in blood
  • Mushroom consumption is associated with many positive outcomes, including reduced all-cause mortality 



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I wonder if supplementation is a possible modality, rather than consuming heaps of mushrooms or tempeh. I do eat a fair amount of mushrooms on the regular though  frankly if you were to consume all the "good for you" foods, you'd be doing nothing but noshing, and your calorie budget would be out the window. And worry not, tomorrow and every day after there will be some new "essential" food you just have to scarf down, so keep that gullet open.

It's just not practical. This is why supplements are sometimes a necessary evil, with all the caveats wrt. whole foods etc. 

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