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Certificate error


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I've having  some troubles to connect to the forum. Apparently, some security certificate expired. Chrome just prevents me to connect. The Microsoft browser warns me that this is not safe... I wanted to attach the Chrome screen but apparently some script has been disabled.




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Hi McCoy and Sibiriak!


The problem is, that the CR Society Forums is supposed to be a secure website -- with URL starting with "https:\\" rather than "http:\\".  I tried Google chrome, then Opera -- neither enabled me to complete this simple post.  I am currently using Firefox -- happily, this browser (which used to be my preferred browser before I switched to Chrome) allowed me to add a PERMANENT EXCEPTION, allowing me (I believe) to use the Forums without problems (I don't think anything that I post on the Forums is a security threat to me.  Theoretically, a malicious intruder could learn my CR Society password, and post in my name, or edit my posts.  This doesn't seem to be a real problem to me.  The old CR Society mailing lists were not secure.)


So I recommend using Firefox, until the CR Society board member who takes car of the website fixes the problem. 


  --  Saul

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Happily, the individual who selflessly maintains the CR Society website has fixed the problem!


I guess that he renewed the security certificate -- which of course costs some money, paid for by the CR Society, but is obviously necessary.  


Thanks Tim!


(BTW, contributions to the CR Society are tax deductible.)


  --  Saul

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