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Natto is the way to go!

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As you know, Mike, it's very tricky trying to extrapolate from animals to humans when it comes to anything in medicine. And the further away evolutionarily the animal is, the more fraught it gets. Personally, I barely pay attention to studies done in rats/mice, and pretty much instantly dismiss things in flies, worms or yeast.

Natto seems quite interesting, but so are a ton of other things. Trying to fit all of them into a diet is really not possible, so you have to pick and choose. It may seem a very small caloric price for a bit of natto daily, but when you count everything else, it all adds up and before you know you'd be consuming thousands of calories. And that's saying nothing about how all of these interact. Which is why the only solution is personalized medicine, as that would guide your priorities list.



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Just to remind everyone that the standard styrofoam natto package contains between 47 and 50 grams of the stuff.  This means that you need to eat two packages to get the 100g dose most of the cited articles mention.

I personally consume 5-6 single packages per week.

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