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How long would i live if i drank 500 ml of vodka a day?

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I travelled through Eastern Europe and Russia, as far back as in the 80's. What was really obnoxious back then, was how in any social situation with the locals, they'd try to force you to drink, and they were very reluctant to take "no" for an answer - as the poster above optimistically recommends. If you refused to drink, you'd be seen as less friendly, or maybe downright suspicious. It was ridiculous - even if you do drink and stop at a reasonable shot or two, they'd keep pressing for you to drink more. Exhausting. It's gotten a lot better in later years, the younger generation is more or less cool if you don't want to drink, and they don't drink as much themselves. But I have not been to that region in quite some time, so I don't know what it's like today; if you look at the consumption stats, it still seems like that region is pretty heavy drinking.

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