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David Sinclair -- using botox?


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This guy USED to look young and healthy ... but in some of his latest vidz ... he looks  plasticy AF.

Several comments below these video suggest botox or plastic surgeries ... that he's gotta look the part he's tryin' to sell. Dunno? Maybe da molecules ain't workin'? Or the synergistic effects of all the LE molecules he's snarfin' down are doin' the opposite of LE????


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Hypsters  exist in all forms. It’s human nature. Once money and ego entwine it becomes the standard. Religion is a good example. Buddhism pushers for example often hype the benefits. It’s their livelihood after all. Yes there is some truth there, but the end of suffering, bliss, nirvana give me a break! Same with the anti agers. I mean this guy Sinclair literally talks about age reversal. Not gonna happen by taking his NMN and resveratrol. Sorry David!

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I think the ultra smooth appearance of his face is largely from the webcam quality. There are some other recent videos on Youtube where he looks like a normal mid-to-late 40s man.  He has good hair, isn't overweight, and looks like he takes care of himself. That goes a long way to looking youthful.

A more impressive example of youthful appearance in middle age is Chuando Tan, a 51 year old Korean who claims no plastic surgery and only once used botox around his eyes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRwV21mPXy0

I don't think skin youthfulness will be an early indicator of whether or not rejuvenation therapy is working. I have a hunch that things like the loss of subcutaneous fat and cross-linking of skin collagen won't be so quick to recover.

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